Come! Let us tell you a story.

In the dust and heat pan of Vidarbha, lies one of the more successful stories of tiger breeding in India, Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

One of the most accessible WLS ', with one of its primary entrances, Sunna Gate, very near to the highway, Tipeshwar has become a story of successful tiger conservation and sightings. Its contribution of at least 38-40 tigers on record (including present and dispersed) along with the conservation methods followed and the relocation of villages, counts as a major success for the forest department. The villages of Tipeshwar and Maregaon which were human settlements till 2012-15 are now pure tiger territories.

While the resident male tiger is Star Male, there are other tigers and tigresses like Jack, Archie, Talabwaali, Zanjeer which have followed. Its sub-adult tigers have also moved to Telangana by crossing the Painganga river in the south, while another tiger, Walker, has created a record by walking over 3000 kms to the Dyanganga Sanctuary in the West.

Amidst this wildlife success story, where the terrain changes from verdant and wistful greens during the monsoons to earthy and dry browns in summers, we are building a destination wildlife retreat(Ugh! It is not a resort.) in the eco-sensitive zone( ESZ) of Tipeshwar.

Located in a very adventurous, experiential and pleasing location with a nullah snaking through the entire acreage, a wide creek flowing adjacent and quaint bridges and checkdams connecting land islands to each other, we are within distance of Sunna gate of Tipeshwar WLS and also the Kuni river which flows east of the sanctuary. Being an eco-retreat, we plan to be true to nature, both with architecture & sustainable practices and plan to operate 11 months a year. So plan your visit, to slow down, to lounge and to soak in the ambience when not seeing tigers in Tipeshwar. Or why see tigers at all? Just visualise them at our place. Your place!



What to expect :

  • Best Time - Monsoon & after with overflowing streams.
  • Best Tiger Sightings- Late Winter, Summer.
  • Architecture - Biophilic design with rammed earth walls and vault roofs.
  • Experience - Vidarbha and its villages, local cuisine and stories under a forest sky.
  • Responsibility - Creating forests, employing locals and merging with our surroundings.

  • Accessibility :

  • Road - 4.5 hours from Hyderabad, India.
  • Road - 2.5 hours from Nagpur, India.
  • Air - 2 hours from Nagpur Airport.
  • Creek
    Sustainable Architecture
    Sustainable Architecture